Indie Authors: Swap & Review


In order to spread the word of each other's writing, I purpose we swap books, read them, and offer reviews on sites like, Barnes&, etc. This way, you're getting a larger reading audience, and the public is being allowed to know what others think of your writing.

The way I think this could work is that first one author sends an invitation to another author that they're interested in swapping their books with. It would make most sense if you get to know each other first, read an excerpt or two from the person's writing, and have a dialogue going on so that both people can know they will get along with each other.

This is *not* a writer's circle. This is for people who already have hard copies of books published that they would like to have read and reviewed by other people like them.

If anyone is interested in this, please get in contact with me through this website, or at this email address: [email protected].

Thank you & good day.

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