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The Life of a Writer

11 Years Ago

The life of a writer is one of many opportunities. Every writer goes through it "Writers Block". It's never any fun and it can be quite frustrating. The times when this occurs we should explore other opportunities in the field of entertainment; such as producing, directing, editing, photography, filmmaking. The avenues here will not take away from our focus but will compliment it. Try to connect with industry professionals in all areas of the entertainment industry. I mean after all if your amazing book gets enough recognition some great producer will want to turn it into a film. How awesome would it be if you already had a friend who was a great producer, photographer, filmmaker, editor etc; i don't want to count out make-up artists and choreographers who also contribute a lot. So how does one approach the industry; well start at the bottom with filmmakers who are just like you. Filmmakers with not a whole lot of budget but need writers to bring their ideas to life. Writers are the force behind the industry. Your job is the most significant job to have; make your presence known by showing your face "your work".   Here are a couple more resources that can help you network in the entertainment industry; - this webite is dedicated to bringing film and tv professionals worldwide together   - this website is dedicated to finding freelance work for writers, filmmakers, copyeditors, bloggers   - this website is dedicated to guiding the entrepeneur in running a successful business; every writer is an entrepeneur. Also go to facebook and like Entrepeneur Magazine to receive updates frequently   Please check back everyday for new posts....