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Getting the Word Out

11 Years Ago

Every writer is an independent agent. The choice is not always up to you, but up to the budget you as a writer are faced with. Often many times writers do not have the resources or time to market themselves. Marketing is very important in this business. Talent is so widespread in this industry that marketable presence is important to standing out. Many times a large publishing company will pick up work after the success of a book not before. Therefore marketing is not only valuable but necessary. First impressions are also very important. The image you put before the media is a lasting brand that will follow you for a very long time.   So here's a little info that will help you receive the publicity you need to establish your presence in the media. Joan Stewart owns a company called "The Publicity Hound" is a website dedicated to tips, tricks and tools for free Publicity, PR and Social Media. The website is also go to facebook and like "The Publicity Hound" to post questions on Joan's wall and receive direct answers to your marketing issues. A great idea would also be to check out her friends list you may find promising business relations there; be sure to friend them as well. So begin embarking on another step in your business venture!!!!