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Publishing Your Work

11 Years Ago

Often times many writers approach literary agents with queries and are rejected. After doing this time and again the writer may become discouraged. Instead of becoming discouraged there are so many other alternatives out there for the writer to get their book in the market. Usually large publishing agencies will pick up a book only after it has received recognition. Self-marketing is an essential tool as an entrepeneur and that's what the writer is. A great way to self market is to self publish. One might say how do I choose a self publishing agency. Well there are many factors to consider; your budget, your media of publication, the services offered by the agency as well as the time you're willing to put into the marketing. Remember your book as wonderful as it is will not sell itself you will need to put in the work to make it work. There are many self publishing agencies out there to look at as well as funding agencies to help with funding your project.   After doing much research on several different self publishing agencies I have found Infinity Publishing to be the most cost efficient as well as marketing efficient. Many agencies will charge large marketing fees to market with no other avenue offered by them to get the word out. Infinity Publishing seems to me to respect the writers entrance into the market by being cost effiecient and providing free marketing means to assist in the announcement of the writers book. Check them out at There is an organization called Kickstarter that is dedicated to providing writers, artists, musicians with funds to complete their projects. Check them out at