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Query Letters and Bios

11 Years Ago

I started this group to not only provide you with information as I am provided but to also recognize you as a writer. The development of a writer is very important as the first impression is lasting and very important. So this month I would like for each one of you to post a short professional bio about yourselves; pick a work that you feel is publisher ready and write a query letter. This is a safe haven for you to grow in. So take advantage. I am an English major, so together let's work at refining your query letters and bios to make a great lasting first impression. I have posted a sample query letter below to guide you:   Date

Agent Name
Agent Address

Dear Agent:

Violet Brantford is marrying the man of her dreams--only he doesn’t know it.

Why? Because the heroine of my recently completed novel, The Husband
, has switched places at the altar with her identical twin sister. Set in
England in 1816, the character-driven story is a 105,000 word historical
romance. Fun and sensual, the book weaves lies with love, treachery with
truth, teaching two people the ultimate meaning of honesty, passion, and

Shy, scholarly Violet Brantford has never enjoyed the stellar social success
of her beautiful twin sister, Jeannette; often she’s so tongue tied in public
she can barely speak. Resigned to her wallflower existence and her
unrequited love for her sister’s fiancé, Adrian Winter, she expects to end up
a spinster. Then fate steps in to shake up her life when her twin refuses to
marry her rich, handsome, powerful bridegroom only hours before the
wedding. Plagued by the knowledge that Jeannette’s defection will mean
social and financial ruin for their family, and tempted beyond measure by the
chance to marry the man she adores, Violet agrees to trade identities with
her twin. Now, she must keep society, and more importantly her husband,
from guessing the truth. Otherwise, she risks losing everything she holds
most dear.

Worldly and influential, Adrian Winter, Sixth Duke of Raeburn, knows he
must marry to secure his lineage. Without considering love--a fool’s illusion,
he believes--he chooses the most poised and polished of the Season’s
Incomparables for his bride. Only after the engagement is official does he
begin to suspect his fiancée may be playing him false with another man.
Unable to prove her infidelity though, he’s honor bound to proceed with the
wedding. He thinks he knows what to expect of his new bride, only she
surprises him with her undeniable innocence, her sweet spirit, and her love.
Who is this woman he doesn’t quite recognize and how will he stop himself
from losing his heart?

Now, a little about me. I am a member of the Romance Writers of America
with affiliation in the Washington D.C. regional chapter.  I have been a
finalist in numerous contests, receiving first place in West Houston RWA’s
2003 The Emily, first place in Smoky Mountain RWA’s 2002 Sweet, Spicy,
Spooky contest, and an honorable mention in Colorado Romance Writer’s
2003 Heart of the Rockies contest.  I hold a B.A. in history from the Ohio
State University. I am an avid reader of romance and love writing it as well.

I have enclosed the first chapter of my novel and a synopsis along with a
SASE for your convenience.  Thank you for your consideration. I look
forward to an opportunity to share the entire manuscript with you soon.
Tracy Anne Warren

The Husband Trap sold to Ballantine/Ivy.  Buy the Book.