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9 Years Ago

First, thank you all who join and I encourage you to visit that website! There are no events coming up in my area, but there might be one in yours that you could attend. Also, check out Peace One Day is the organization which formed International Peace Day, and is still working towards intercultural cooperation. I have always been an advocate of peace, and I very much agree with the views of the Jeremy Gilley, the man behind it all.Second, I want to encourage everyone to post any writing promoting peace to this group, and try to make peace a part of their lives. I do plan on publishing a collection of these writings, and if you are for or against the idea of being included, just message me, and I will respect your decision. The book will give proper credit to the original authors; I will triple check that to be sure. Maybe it won't be published in time for this year's International Peace Day, but it will happen.Peace is real, peace is achieveable, we just must be willing to accept the change.~Lina Grey