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Meet The Natives

8 Years Ago

In school, we're learning about Islanders from Tanna, in the Pacific Ocean. During WWII, a man known as Tom Navy told them to stop fighting and be peaceful, and now their island is considered the happiest place on earth. This video clip series, called Meet The Natives, is about their journey to America, and there's one where they go to the United Kingdom, in order to spread peace to their allied lands. I think this is really interesting, especially considering how many people I know (not necessarily on WC) who refuse to believe that such a thing is even possible, and I wanted to share it with the group. There are many clips because it was a tv series, but here is the link to the first episode (for coming to America): hope you all enjoy this.~Lina
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Re: Meet The Natives

8 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing! 
Just watched the first part - it's quite interesting. It's always intriguing to see the extent of one man's impact on the people around him. what makes this more amazing is seeing how one man can impact, not just the people he was around, but even to later generations!!