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Just a Thought

8 Months Ago

The best way to start revitalizing the site is to start using the groups that are available. Join as many groups as you can, even if they are defunct, and post your stories and poems. We can own the groups now. The more writers who use them, the more exposure we will get. It's up to us to get things going again.
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Re: Just a Thought

3 Months Ago

Your idea to revitalized the site wouldn't really work.  Joining all the groups just to put your writing in it is more about you being more visible not building interactions between the members of this site.  You want to revitalize the site then join one group and get the members to post in the forums.  Get a dialogue started between the members that will pull others into it.

There are 141 members in this group and most haven't even posted once in the forums.  Until I returned no new postings had been done for 3 months.  Maybe I'm crazy (actually I am) but a week without somebody posting something in the forums says that somebody is doing something wrong in the group.  Now I'm not going to point any fingers but I am going to say somebody needs to step up and get people interested.  I would, but I lack many of the personality traits that is required for something like that.