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Jabbertale sends me an e-mail

11 Years Ago

sent me private e-mail warning me. I simple stated a fact in one of my stories that they were unstable and that their uploaders for pictures would not allow me to upload pictures. Nor would it allow me to cut,copy, and paste it in to my stories.  This has been an on-going trouble with jabbertale.com for sometime.   They need to call in a computer anaylisis  and find out why their uploader doesn't work and correct their problems. I am not the only one who has had problems over there.   They hope I will stay but that remains to be seen. I much prefer or   I wrote them a response that I simply spoke the truth  and it will set them free. Threatening your members with a warning is not good policy.   They need to correct their problems so they will not lose customers.   Lucie