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Candle Faith

11 Years Ago

A diary is the best friend you can have, a faithful gift of life through thick and thin. It won't leave unless you leave it. Once you grab ahold of the opportunity you're presented with, cherish it while it's freshly with greatest value. To me, to be a real person and a real writer you have to reach into the deepest parts of who you are to see what you're made of. Loss, gain, tragedy, an embrace of love, name it, do it, show it, feel it whole.

Re: Candle Faith

11 Years Ago

So true. A dary is a friend. It doesn't judge, or insult, or betray. The only way that it can tell your secrets is if someone steals them out of it. You can confide in it no matter what you have to say. I feel my diary is my safe have.

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