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13 Years Ago

The Sinclair Family:


Jaiden Sinclair (23)-The oldest of the Sinclair's. Him and his fiance recently broke off their engagement. He is a chef at The Pink Crocodile in downtown Crieghton.

Jon Sinclair (20)- Jon is the sort that never really grew out of highschool. He attends highschool parties and events as though he's still a student. He lives at home and attends community college. He is Olivia's backup for Julien.

Julien Sinclair (18)- Julien is quiet and brooding. He has a horrible relationship with his father and stepmother. His only real plans after school is to get out of the house.

Brooke Sinclair (18)- Julien's twin sister. She dropped out of school sophmore year because she was pregnant.

Bailee Ehrens (18)- Daddy's little girl. The first child from the second marriage. She's constantly overacheiving, scoring good grades, and keeping out of trouble. She's the complete opposite of Julien.

Ethan Ehrens (7)- The youngest of the Sinclair children. He takes after his mother with red hair and a loud voice.


The Smallwood Coven:


Karis Smallwood- Dark-haired vixen with her eyes set on Julien Sinclair. Kaleb is her sire, and they still have late night rendezvous. She's basically cheating on Julien with Kaleb.

Felicity Snare- Felicity recently came in touch with the Smallwood coven and had chemistry with Damon.

Damon Brightchild- Damon embraces the darkness that comes with being a vampire. He feeds without consequence, he prides himself on being superior and doesn't hide it as well as most vampires.

Lukas Duquesne- Karis' shortlived romance resulted in Lukas becoming a vampire. He never thought much about the monster inside him until he met Bailee and fell in love. After meeting her, he refuses to drink human blood.

Garreth Duquesne- Lukas' younger brother. Garreth is quiet and "slippery". He's a monster when it comes to feeding, and doesn't typically leave his victims alive. It's almost as if there's more to him than meets the eye.  


I'm probably going to elaborate on this as the story continues. I left out a number of details because I didn't want to give away too many secrets.