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Just Write It, Quickly

12 Years Ago

Well I see you closed your account, but luckily all your writing is still on this group and it's a way to send a message just in case you decide to come back.

I wanted to tell you to just hurry up and write Immortalis because it looks like Stephanie Meyer is beating you to your idea and it's becoming a best seller. I've started reader her stuff and it's sending off a lot of red lights, however, I feel like your characters have more depth and your writing is more emotive than hers, I really think you can still get your story published even as a juvenile genre. My advice is to just hurry up, write it, and get yourself an agent because there are so many versions of the same story out there that there's a word for it: Genre fiction.

Whatever you decide to do, I really hope you do it soon because I really want to read it.