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Here's to a more successful attempt!

12 Years Ago

Ok, this is take two, but I hope it works this time.

I think what killed us last time was how long it took to create the story outline.  Now we've got one so we can start right off.  Unfortunately I do not remember the order anymore, since my chapter is the one currently up I'll let either ScarlettTheDreamer or Katie de Lavani go.  You two may choose which will write next, or you can write it together, or both write it and choose the better one, the exact method doesn't matter.

Also, to any future new members, if you join and want to participate in the writing ask Nash S., me, or either of the two people I mentioned above for further details (unless we all track you down first ;-D).

Re: Here's to a more successful attempt!

12 Years Ago

Hey about the second chapter, i think we should include the other members of the crew in it. So we need descriptions about them too.

Re: Here's to a more successful attempt!

12 Years Ago

The main ones would be

The Captain (in charge of everything in the ship)
First Officer (The captain delegates some of their duties to this person, usually in charge of the crew)
*Navigations (Sometimes called second officer, they are in charge of navigating obviously)

*this is the person that the main character directly works for.


Head chef
Head Scientist
- (possibly the girl he met in the cafe?)

*any other positions that you think of that I didn't

crew also includes:
-Various Scientists
-janitors and deckhands (swab the deck!)

*(these are a lot of people and so only names of the ones who become important should be worried about)

I was thinking that since this is the future that gender roles would not have to be followed, so the captain or first officer could be female.
Also, to make the story interesting he ought to fall in love with someone on the ship, I was thinking that this could be one of the scientists but it doesn't matter that much.  Maybe she might not fall in love back for a while.
If anyone is having trouble coming up with names, ask in the forum or just use a random name generator (they are helpful)

The main character should not be meeting everyone at once, and most of the people he meets in the second chapter will just be names for now, their descriptions can be worried about later.

Chapter 3

12 Years Ago

Alright, well now that I've looked at this, the second chapter is perfect.

So, it's my turn for chapter 3, no? Well this is exciting. Ok, so we're going into Lower Orbit Earth. Anything you have to say about the experience of going into space? (What Nash will feel.)

I like the idea of having the woman he met in the first chapter to be the lead scientist.

Ok, now suggestions.

Re: Here's to a more successful attempt!

12 Years Ago

I am giving up on this group... good bye.