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Snore with a smile

15 Years Ago

I am Tired ... But it's Okay!

I'm tired of being a loser
I'm tired of being pissed off
I want to be happy, not endlessly feel crappy
I want to win
I want to prove that I can do it
Not just to other people ... but first to myself

I want to be confident, not diffident
Affluent not arrogant
I'm tired of being looked down upon, frowned upon
I'm tired of being written off
I'm tired of being stereotyped
I'm tired, but its time to wake the heck up

Its time for a change, from within
I'm tired of not being able to do anything about it
So what am I going to do about it?
I'm going to give myself a better reason to be tired

I'm going to stop being lazy, stop making excuses
I'm going to stop being a victim
I'm going to WORK HARD
Harder than anyone else has ever worked before
And then when I feel tired
I'm going to go to sleep with a grin
Snore with a smile

Im sure this is a poem that alot of people can relate to, and it's always cool to hear how people feel or what their your connection to what your saying is, so leave a comment.Let me know how this may relate to your situation.