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Review my poem please..i wrote this for a friend

15 Years Ago

To a person for a friend

To Delilah, a girl I will always know, until the end

Throughout the years of thick and thin

Me and you are friends with nothing stopping

on the road to come

No dead ends, twists, or curves, just going straight with smooth sailing

We have shared times, laughs, and moments

And man those are great

Im glad I know you, and that we are friends


Your more than friend, just like a sister

Now I have 3,

2 old and 1 young

Your always there and see me through,

Helping me whenever u can

Your sweeter than candy or your favorite cookie

Prettier than all the models that you see

And remember I told you

That I would get you something

I didn’t forget I want you know

My present from me to you

isn’t in a box and a bow

Its from me and feeling I want u to know

Im always here whenever u need

This was a little something

That I hope you will keep

Keep until the end when you cant read

You’re my best friend and I will always miss

Miss all the good times and your pretty face

Now stop reading this and go with your family

Open your presents and have a Merry Christmas

From your best friend,

Chris =]

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15 Years Ago

Did you say you do not write?  Well, I think this is a wonderful poem, and I hope you write more of them!