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Welcome to the CWC Group on WritersCafe!

7 Years Ago

Hey Guys!

It looks like there is some question to what we are supposed to be doing. I've become rather familiar with the site layout, and how we are supposed to use it to post our work as well as review and critique each other.

The first thing you'll want to do is write something! Here are the Club Works we should have up till now:

Warm-Up 1: Self Poem
   In the first session, on September 21, we were given the task of writing a poem that described ourselves. It didn't have to rhyme or be anything special, just capture yourself in words. This was the warm-up that we did in class.

Project 1: Picture Story
   At the end of the first session, on September 21, we were assigned a project. The project was to choose a picture, and write a piece (story, poem, etc.) about the picture using all five sensory details. For instance, I chose a picture of an angry couple, and wrote about the couple and their hardships.

Warm-Up 2: Picture Story
   In the second session, on October 19, we were given the task of writing a piece (story, poem, etc.) on a picture of a boy being chased by a dinosaur. (Image: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrakvkd38c1r1d3p9o1_100.jpg) We were given eight minutes to write something, and this served as our warm-up for the session.

Project 2: Outsider
   At the end of the second session, on October 19, we were assigned the project of writing a piece (story, poem, etc.) from the view of an Outsider. The example we were given was the main character from The Great Gatsby, who did not participate much, but stood back and observed, while telling the reader the story.

Warm-Up 3: Casual Conversation

     In the third session, on November 16, three or four students participated in an on-mic conversation that was meant to be flowing an un-stiff. The rest of the class were supposed to transcribe the conversation, although it was a bit hard. Try your hand at writing a conversation you hear during the day, and making it interesting.

Project 3: Dialogue

     At the end of the third session, on November 16, we were assigned the task of writing a conversation (in whatever style you choose) that has feelings and purpose. The main goal of this assignment is to practice writing conversations that are insightful, and realistic.


After you have written your piece, in whatever external editor you choose (Pages, Word, Notepad, etc.) you will add it to your "My Writings" here on WritersCafe.

To do that, go to the top toolbar, with the gray buttons, and hover over "Writings". From the dropdown that appears, choose "Add Writing".

   1. Choose the writing type. (If you can't find one that fits perfectly, select the nearest.)
   2. Put the title of your piece in the designated box. (Ie. Namesake: A Melanie Swiss Novella)
   3. Give a short description of your piece. (Ie. Written on September 21, 2011 for the K12 Creative Writing Club. Warm-Up 1: Self Poem.)
   4. Copy the piece from your external editor, and paste it into the "Body" box on the screen.
   5. Add tags, an image, author notes, and change settings as you please.
   6. Click "Save".

Now you will add this writing to the group for your classmates to view.

   1. Go up to the top toolbar, hover over "Groups". In the dropdown that appears, click "My Groups".
   2. From your list of groups, choose "K12 HS Creative Writing Club".
You should be brought to the club's group page.

   3. In the top of the Club's toolbar, where the tabs are white, click "Writing".
   4. On the window that appears, look under "Add Writing". You should see a dialog box that says "Select a Work".
   5. Click the menu and choose the piece you would like to add to the club.
   6. Once you have added the piece, whenever you view that page, you should see a "My Writing" to the right of the selection, which lists any work you have in the group. You can delete them at any time.

You can repeat these steps for as many projects/warm-ups we need to upload. Remember that you are only supposed to add work to the K12 HS Creative Writing Club Group that has been assigned in the sessions.

You can use the first 6 steps (how to Add Writing) to add any writing you would like to have on WritersCafe. The last 6 steps are for work that is exclusive to the K12 HS Creative Writing Club.


To review someones work follow these steps:

   1. Open the piece in your browser.
   2. Scroll to the bottom of the text. You should see your avatar next to a box that says "My Review."
   3. Type your review out, as well as a rating if you'd like (you don't have to rate a piece to review it).
   4. Click "Submit Review".

It's as simple as that. Remember to keep your reviews constructive. The review section is not for comments or random chatting, you can do that on the users profile page (you must be a friend to comment).

If you have a long review, type it out in an external editor and make sure thay you have spell-checked, as well as made sure that you are not being too harsh- Feelings do matter, folks. =)

Hopefully that helps some of you~ Like I said, I've gotten to know this site like the back of my hand. :D So if you have a question, I can answer it here.


Teralyn E.

Note: (Updated November 29, 2011)

Re: Welcome to the K12 HS Creative Writing Club Group on WritersCafe!

7 Years Ago

Teralyn, you are amazing. Thank you for your leadership!

Re: Welcome to the K12 HS Creative Writing Club Group on WritersCafe!

7 Years Ago

No problem Ms. Fromm. :)