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Where have you gone?

12 Years Ago

Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
(We want you on our side!)

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I wish I could hit .325, and drive in 100 runs - hell, I'd be happy if I could hit .200, and drive in a pair. How th' hell do you... a 56 game hitting streak... I couldn't hit a punching bag.

Baseball has the best Players Union in all of sports - they always have. That's one reason why they get those silly pay cheques. So, I've decided: We need a Players Union!!!

We need a Players Union for the game of Life... a Players Union for life in general. I want a silly pay cheque damn it! And I want to be able to throw my hat on the ground, kick some dirt around, and yell at my supervisor until I'm blue in the face! Baseball is fair, why the hell isn't life?

I bet Major League Baseball could run this country better than Congress can... but I can't bet; because betting is not allowed - it's one of the many un-written rules in baseball... Congress, I'm sure, has a few un-written rules it self. They could almost be one in the same. There will never be a 56 game hitting streak in Congress though.

I don't know what brought on this rant. But, I still think we need a Players Union. We could call it The Peoples Union, or some dumb s**t like that. Get one of the delegates to come up with an acronym. Folk tend to like acronyms; makes us feel important, makes it look like we're doing something. Like N.A.S.A., or the N.R.A. ...wait, that's an initialism, it doesn't spell another word. Anyhow, we can get one of them theme songs. Folk really like them theme songs, kinda reminds 'em of Hee Haw. There's a really f*****g cheesy song on vh1 Classic - one of those "We Are The 80's" ditty's they like to run into the ground... I bet we could use it. It's got a sappy saxophone solo and everything! My golly dose it suck! I guess asking Kim Deal to write us a theme song would be asking a little to much, huh? Well, with the silly pay cheques that we're all getting, we should be able to afford her. Maybe if we get her to join, we'll get a discount! Boy, this looks like a lot of work; with all of the organizing, planning, research, development, financing, and execution and all... I better go home.

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12 Years Ago

::confused:: Great rant. Paul, you said it so right, I'm pissed. I spit at them on the floor. I double dare them to cross my ground. Damn, they already did. Damnit, I declare WAR. Argh.

Those Dumb KNuckle sandwiches run presidency is a mighty knuckle sandwich idea. Yeah! What ever happen to old patriotism. (UN, it never was)

What ever happened to a decent job that earns well. Defense is the key to a nations standing eh? Well, how much are these electrical engineers and mechanical engineers getting paid? Peanuts!

Whatever happened to our bridges in L.A. they went down the earthquakes and he refuses, umm, the almighty BUSH, to pay for rebuilding. UN, we are on earthquakeland.

Settle on this peanut knuckle sandwiches, Fight for your right to ....Party?

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