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The Beginning of any kind of "Double Life"

13 Years Ago

I prefer to think that no human sets out to lead a life of two people, and I do not mean mental illness, such as schizophrenia, that is illness, and two personalities, not two lives.

But, who am I to judge?

Double Lives start out with a lie, then two.

You can see in the group pic that there are double windows, and that is really to me, the kind of life I led, which was a nurse, and an addict, and I only let you see into each "window" when I wanted you to.

I was, on one side, a mother,caring and nurturing, and a part of a famlly that I wanted desperately to please and to make something of myself so they could finally be proud of me.

On the side opposite this, I was a monster overflowing with poison.

I fed myself until I had my fill, and then basked in what I felt was a glow and a self esteem booster, but really was the beginning of the end of the "good half" of my double decker!

The focus of this group, and I do not mean to set any kind of censorship, but that IS why they call it a "group", with a common goal, and I am certainly open to suggestions, is:

1. The Double Life, writing about it. How did it start? What kind of double life are you or were you leading?

2. Creatively expressing this type of life in the form of poems, short stories, books, or any kind of literary exposition.

3. NOT judging or hurting anyone with "bashing" instead of constructive critisism, (sp?) and we are NOT criticizing or "reviewing" our opinion on WHAT the double life is or was, but simply the way words are put together, suggestions on how you could make a story go from fantastic to extraordinary!

4.This is not a self help support group. There are PLENTY of those, and if you want to find one but cannot, please send me a message, and I will send you in the direction of a resource or website!


Remember we are WRITERS not psychiatrists, although I would LOVE IT if a psychiatrist were to come in and share on a professional note, of what a "double life" connotates, or subjects of that nature!

YOU too, if you have led a double life, can write a short story, non fiction and weigh in on what YOU think about a double life, or what you think it signifies, because you have led one so you have experience and information to offer!

See you on the story board, and pleassee leave us a short message on who you are, why you joined this group, and any other info you want to share!!!

Let us begin the daunting but worthy task of building a double life group!

(or a life group OF two lives in one group...LOL)