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~The Travelers Guide to RP~

11 Years Ago

here, I will show you how to WASTE YOUR LIFE!! Clinically proven (by me) to be THERAPEUTIC and HELPFUL TO YOUR CREATIVE IMAGINATION!! 

So enough with that. Rp (by text)  is an exchange of words and actions. There really is no specific way to do it. I think of it somewhat like writing the script to a play. If you get a good one going, it's really really fun.

person 1: (starts) -walks down a path-
person 2: -you hear bombs and ammunition in the distance, a crowd of people comes rushing toward you- 
person 1: (note the lack of dashes, meaning that the person is talking) w-whats going- -is cut off as someone grabs my arm, pulling me into the bushes-
Person 2: -three men fight over a gas mask, struggling  to breathe- 

Just an example. try it, have fun!