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Advise and Comic Relief?

8 Years Ago

Hey! I too, have always wanted to finish the many novels I have started, and I think I finally found a winner.
Basically, I turned Sherlock Holmes into a chick and tossed her into the present day, and its something I (so far) enjoy writing.

I submitted it to this group, but here is a link:
Scarlett: A Game of Russian Roulette 

I was wondering if anyone had any advise on where I should take it (primarily Sherlock and Johns relationship, how would it change now that (s)he's a woman?) i will totally love you!

Also, if anyone has a good sense of humour, that would be fantastic. I have a hard itme with comic relief and humour when i write (i'm a stuffy fluff writer) so it's always nice to have comical people help me out.

Do you have any ideas for me? 
I'll help you with anything you need help with as well!