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Introduce yourself...

15 Years Ago

Well, if anyone actually joins this group, please tell us your name and what you're working on. I'd love to hear about your stories!


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15 Years Ago

I just joined the group. I write Crime/Investiagtive fiction mostly dealing with detectives and investigations. I sometimes journey into the Mystery/Suspense genre since it has so much in common with crime fiction. Right now I am working on a novel titled "Eyes in the Snow" and I have a few short stories partially written on the side.

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15 Years Ago

I've wrote one novel that is a full mystery novel. I plan to edit it soon and might post chapter one soon. My currnet novel is also a mystery with ubran fantasy tones :)
So hello, and if any of you have some good sites on writing mysteries, send them my way:)

Re: Introduce yourself...

12 Years Ago

Greetings. I'm new to Writers Cafe and the group. I've been working on a crime/thriller novel for the past few months and just love the whole process of writing, creating the characters, putting them in dangerous situations and watching them work out how to catch the crook, get out of the locked basemet and all the other fun things I can come up with.

I look forward to catching up with others here, reading their works and having my work read.