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Crime Scene, Forensics and Autopsy information

15 Years Ago

I found some wonderful links that may help us with our more grisly mysteries!

I love forensics and criminology and these links come from my favorite website:

Autopsies -- The Death Detective -- This was written by a great writer on the Crime Library.

Forensic Psychology -- Another fascinating article.

"The Pressure is On" -- This is one of favorite topics; Ballistics! All about it. This could be of some help to you if your story involves something of this nature. I haven't read the article yet, but I'm sure its good.

The Crime Scene -- This is all about what goes on in a crime-scene investigation. I know I'd find this extremely helpful. Check it out!

For more, click here, or go to the main website.

I hope some of this is helpful! Just thought it would be a good post.


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15 Years Ago

Those are all great sites. Probably one of my best sources for information has been the book: Practical Homicide Investigation by Vernon Geberth. It's in 4th edition now, but the 3rd edition is just as great and at a cheaper price. Great resource.

Also this website: has great articles on Crime Scenes, Autopsies, and various tools used in investigations.

Good luck.

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