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What it means to be a Dreamer

8 Years Ago

You know the dictionary definition of a dreamer, don't you? It's: Someone who daydreams.
*scoffs* Dictionary, please! A Dreamer is an intelligent woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go get it. A Dreamer is a girl who's running on risks and doesn't care, because she's too optimistic. A Dreamer is someone who deserves the love of a man, but doesn't need it to live because she's got her books, her dreams, and her head on tight. A Dreamer is not someone who has their heads up in the clouds. A Dreamer is a girl who has the power to bring the clouds to her with the click of a pen, the scribble of a pencil, or the click of a key board. She's powerful. She's beautiful. And she's downright amazing. A Dreamer is someone everyone wants to be and something everyone is deep down inside. 'Living The Dream' is here to help those people recognize their inner Dreamer and let her free because when she does that, she's unstoppable. That's what it means, and more, to be a Dreamer on 'Living The Dream'. Now, be proud.