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Writing Challenge

11 Years Ago

Good Afternoon!


So, we need to have some fun around here, so I want to start with a writing challenge. I think that we should use this group to challenge each other and support each other. (Emmy, we really need to do coffee soon!)


So, without further ado, here is our challenge. I think that we should post it here in the forum (and on the Cafe, if you want) so that we can all discuss it here.


Stir your imagination. Put yourself in the persona of either a: Deaf, Mute, Deaf-mute, Cripple, or Blind person. Write a piece (poetry or prose) describing an event or experience as that person. 200 words minimum.


This should be interesting!!




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11 Years Ago

Here is my work for deafness...enjoy



From birth til death

Unable to hear the music of the world

Deaf as a post

But able to feel life’s vibrations

In a symphony of feeling

The wind’s caress

The thunder of an engine

Form a counterpoint to the touch of a child

And the graceful glide of a lover

He feels the world

And sees the things he cannot hear

He does not lament the loss of sound

He knows not anything else

Wishing he could feel more though

Would be a goal worth chasing

To feel the tears of joy

Falling down the face of a friend

The fleshing out of the sights and smells

Of the asphalt jungle in its glory

But he can feel the heart of the city beat

And it races through him

Like a rush of emotions

Love and hate

Death and life

All encompassed

In the thrum of a train

And the kiss of his child

He listens to the music of the city

The drum of the footfalls

Irregular beats of a million souls

Flow into his heart and mind

Replacing his hearing with something deeper

Something richer

A sense of feeling the world at large

A sense of being part of the sound-scape

Immersing into vibrations like a fish in a raging river

And just being alive in silence’s grip


---Written by No One Important