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Can I Rape Your Daughter???

1 Year Ago

This is a work of fiction that came from my disgusting mind.  I do not condone any actions against young girls or anybody else.   Codes: M/f, M+/f, F/f, Rape, Drugs, Prostitution, Teen, Interracial   A woman runs out of money to buy her drugs.  So she offers her daughter in exchange.   I got this idea to do this story from the mother who claimed that what she told me was true.  The names have been changed to protect their identity.      This story is for mature adults only.  If you are under the age of 18 or if it's illegal to read this in your state or country, then please stop reading this and go somewhere else.       It was a cold and rainy night for Alice Walker.  She was walking to an area that was known for buying and selling drugs and prostitution.  She hated the fact that she had to spend her hard earned money on drugs, but she needed her daily fix.     Alice's life started out in a good way.  She got good grades all throughout school and was very popular with the boys.  But that all changed when she was 16 and she became pregnant.  Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Julie.  She decided to keep the baby with her parents help and continued school.         But her life changed forever when her parents died when she was 18 in a car accident.  She had no other family members to go to so she lived on the streets for a while.  She met a pimp named Deshawn and got her hooked on drugs.  After Deshawn got arrested, she started prostituting her body for drugs.  A few years later she was able to get an apartment in the worst section of town while she continued taking drugs and selling her body.        Sixteen years later, Alice was now a shell of her former self.  Her once sexy, buxom body was now covered in bruises from being beaten up by her customers and she had marks all over her arms from all of the drugs she had taken over time.  She had decided that she would make sure her daughter would never go through the same things that she did growing up.         While Alice was out working the streets, 18 yr old Julie was also hard at work.  But she was working on her school work.  The girl had straight A's in all of her classes and she was also the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad.  She was also a smoking hot girl.  She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a set of the most beautiful 36D breasts any boy or man has ever seen.         She hated it when her mom would bring her customers over to their house and have sex in the other bedroom.  She would always put on her earphones and concentrate on her assignments.  The girl had never had a boyfriend and was still a virgin.  She thought that if she studied hard, she could get a scholarship and get her mom the help she needed and get out of this disgusting area of town.        One night Alice was walking to see her drug buddies, there were 5 of them.  Jake was the leader of the group.  A huge black male that had lots of connections and made a lot of money through his drug sells and prostitution.  His friend Charles was the one that actually made the sells to the customers.  Latrell, Big Kat, and Lamar were his protection.            Alice had met up with her friends on a dark street corner just a block from where she lived.  She set up a deal and Charles brought out a bag of cocaine.  Alice started digging through her pockets for the money, but she couldn't find any cash.  She frantically searched through her belongings, but couldn't find anything to pay for the drugs.         "I don't have any money Charles, but I can pay you next week."  Alice said as she looked at the bag of cocaine.         Charles looked at Jake asking him if he should just give her the bag for now and pay later.       "Nope, I need money right now". Charles said as he looked around the area for the cops.       "I'll have sex with all 5 of you, you can f**k me as long as you want."  Alice said thinking that usually she doesn't like having sex with black guys because it hurts so much.       "Not this time Alice, money or no drugs".  Charles said as another customer came his way to buy some heroine.       Alice started shaking and crying thinking how is she going to get through the night without her fix.  But then she had an idea.         "You can rape my daughter, she's 18 and a virgin".  Alice said as she regretted what she just said, but she needed the drugs.         This comment raised the eyebrows of all of the guys around her.         "You mean you want to buy my drugs in exchange we can f**k your daughter???"  "Let me see a picture of her".  Jake said as he fondled with his enormous black c**k through his jeans.         Alice pulled out a picture of Julie wearing a orange t-short and jeans.  She was doing the splits in the air with her pom-poms.  You could see right down her shirt at her huge chest.       "Holy f*****g s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lamar said looking at the young girl in the picture with a huge smile on her face.       "God I've always wanted to rape a little white girl!!!!!" Said Big Kat as he drooled over her huge tits.       "OK, here's the deal."  I'll give you all of the cocaine that I have today in exchange we get to f**k the s**t out of your daughter."  Jake revealed about 60 bags of cocaine.  Alice had never seen so many in her life.  She knew that this would last her at least several months, and all she had to do was let these 5 men rape and torture her precious daughter.       Alice had a lump in her throat knowing what these guys would do to Julie, but she had to have her cocaine.       "Alright follow me".  Alice said as she walked back to her upstairs apartment.       After they were let in, Jake quieted them down and Alice told them which door to go to.  Alice went to sit on the couch and got her needle out.       Julie was sitting on her bed wearing a pink t-shirt, white shorts, and cute ankle socks.  She was sitting there reading the book The Ten Commandments for a book report in her religion class.  She heard some noise coming from the hallway.  She thought that her mom had brought another one of her customers for some screwing.  She started to reach for a glass of water when all of the sudden her door burst open and 5 gigantic black men come into her room and grabbed her.        She tried to scream for her mom but Jake pulled out a switchblade and put it to Julie's neck.       "Don't move, don't scream or I'll cut your f*****g throat and I'll kill your mom too!!!!"       Jake started ripping Julie's clothes off till she was completely naked.  Her puffy pink n*****s were hard as pebbles from being so scared for her life.  She started begging softly for them not to hurt her or her mom.  Jake yanked off his clothes and showed the young girl the black c**k that was about to destroy her virginity.       Jake's dick was huge, at least 10 inches long and it was as hard as a board sticking straight out.  Julie's pretty eyes widen in fear wondering if these men were going to kill both her and her mom.       Jake positioned himself at the entrance of Julie's beautiful golden blonde c**t and entered very slowly.  Julie bit her lips and let out a faint squeal as she shook in pain.  He went about half way in till he neared her hymen.       "Guess what guys, she is a virgin!!!!!!"   Jake yelled as the other guys now nude were hollering.  They approached young Julie and started squeezing her breasts and forcing the other men to jerk them off.       With that Jake pulled almost all of the way out of Julie's c**t and then slammed back in her with all of his might.  Poor Julie started screaming like she has never before in her short life.  All you heard from her was constant screaming and crying. The pain was so horrible that she thought that she might pass out.        The savage rape went on for hours with no end in sight for poor Julie.  She didn't know what was more unbearable, her losing her virginity or Latrell f*****g her in the a*s for the first time ever.  After several hours she was covered in sweat.  She had teeth and nail marks all over her n*****s and breasts.  Loads of cum were dripping out of her c**t and down her throat.       In the living room, Alice was just coming down off of her high after snorting 4 lines of cocaine and injecting some heroine.  She could hear her daughter screaming and crying from her bedroom.  But she didn't care, the girl probably deserved it and Alice was feeling really good.       The screaming and crying of her daughter and the grunting of the men started to make Alice horny.  She reached down her short skirt and started fingering herself wondering how much pain is her daughter in right this very moment.  She envisioned massive black c***s, one after the other inserting into Julie's little p***y and a huge load of cum coming from her mouth as she sucked them off.       Alice took her other hand and squeezed her own huge 34DD breasts and swollen red n*****s.       "Ooohh God!!!!!" she squealed to herself as she had an incredible orgasm thinking about her own innocent daughter being ravaged by 5 huge black men.       After coming down, she went to the bathroom to pee.  Across the hall was Julie's room.  The door was slightly open.  She could hear the creaks of the bed as another guy was f*****g her daughter.  A thought came across her mind.  She just had to check it out for herself.       On weak legs she walked to Julie's room and opened the door. What she saw really made her even more horny than ever before. There on Julie's bed was Big Kat laying on his back on the bed ramming his c**k into her daughter's a*s while Charles was f*****g her c**t and Latrell had Julie's hand around his hard dick forcing her to jerk him off.       The sight was too much for Alice.  She just leaned on Julie's chester draws set while watching the show.  Jake was sitting on a chair near the door resting when he saw Alice looking on in amazement of what was happening.       He looked at Alice and asked her "do you wanna join in???" Alice starred at him and for some strange reason, she nodded her head in agreement.  Jake got up and grabbed Alice's hand and led her to the foot of the bed.       "Guys move out of the way, Alice wants to f**k her daughter!!!"  Jake said and a roar erupted throughout the room. Alice got her first glimpse of Julie.  She had cum splattered all over her face and her once pretty blonde hair.  She looked down at her p***y and more cum was oozing out of it as well.       "Please mommy, help me!!!"  Julie said with a crack in her voice barley able to get up.  Alice leaned down in between Julie's legs and started licking her c**t.       "Mom, what are you doing???"  Julie cried.       "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  she wailed as she felt her mom's tongue on her sore p***y.  Jake got up and started sucking Julie's erect n*****s and slapping her tits.        He grabbed Julie's wet hair and yanked it forcing the girl to look down at her mom.       "You like it when your mom f***s your c**t, don't you move little w***e!!!!!"  Julie cried and screamed as Jake pushed his flaccid c**k into Julie's mouth for who knows how many times he has done this to her.       Alice starts licking her daughter's c**t real fast and she can hear her daughter moaning and crying.  She then inserts two fingers into her and starts f*****g her wildly.  She can hear Jake moaning as he cums again all over her face.        "Make her eat you out!!!!!"  Yells Big Kat as the others watch in total shock the way Alice is f*****g her own daughter. Alice gets on her hands and knees and puts her c**t over Julie's face and starts grinding.  Julie is losing her mind as this is happening.  She can feel her own loving mother's c**t lips scraping against her mouth.  Latrell comes in and starts f*****g Julie once again.       Alice is moaning as her daughter screams into her c**t and starts humping her face even faster.       "Make your mother cum you s**t or we will f**k you all night long!!!!!"  Yells Jake as he starts jerking off.       Julie is crying even harder as she thinks that if she does what they tell her to do, then maybe they will leave them alone. Julie sticks her little pink tongue against her mom's p***y and starts licking.  Alice lets out a loud moan as the guys go crazy.       Julie licks as fast as she can hoping this will please the men and they will go.  Alice grabs her daughter's head and tilts it so her daughter can have more access to her c**t.       "Oh God, I'm Cumming I'm CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Alice lets out a shriek and cums down her daughter's throat.       As the two women slump down on the bed, the men start putting their clothes back on and head out of the door.  Jake comes back over and plants a kiss on both of their lips telling them how wonderful they were.       "We might just come back for some more soon, sleep well you two b*****s!!!!!"  Jake says as he shuts the front door.       Both girls pass out in each other's arms and fall asleep. The next morning, they try and forget what happened last night. While eating lunch Alice talks to her daughter.       "Julie, don't go to the cops, they'll throw me into jail and everyone in town will know what we did."       Julie agrees not to tell anyone and to keep what happened a family secret as Alice gets ready to go out looking for some more money and drugs.  Shortly afterwards, they are the talk of the town and now every man in the area wants to f**k both of them and will pay lots of money for the pleasure.  Alice and Julie decide that it is best to do whatever possible to live.   The End