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Project Monster M*A*S*H

7 Years Ago

just trying to put together a nice sized collection of writings from a variety of diffreent people. write how ever you want about what ever you want only rule is 8 lines or less. heres what it looks like as of now, but i just started this this morning so it might be diffrent by the time you read this , lmk if your interested.  

heres the link to the actual piece

and here is the sample



I'm gana call it The Monster Mash. 
A giant of a collab slashed up in different labs.
A Monster made by Coke and some coke in a bag. 
My pens always last up but this time i'm stashing ink first on the pad.
A rash of talent, gash from talons, i'm Taliban, Vlad
Impaled on this, i'm Putin, this Bomb in a bag. 
Nails rain like hail, when were mad, so get Glad, blast radius? 
Eight lines each says, "My piece put eight in any hate for us the outsiders had."

Vultures in heat destined to breath my best intervenes as I stress non the least,  
My vest in the breeze,
 cause I'm invested in leaves and rest in the scenes cause the mess always leaves, More or less in the street,
 I was born to defeat to finish anyone who can step at my feet, I'm blessed and I'm me, f**k the sess and the green,
 I need the west on the screen to get my vet in the spline, conquest every direction so I flex and I'm mean,
 reflex on critical and the tests always lean, 
I'm the mistress of the knights and the b***h of the queens, I'm a b***h always b***h with a b***h til they scream, haha No one better with breasts to compete so just leave,
**Infernal Machine**

Lights out,
Total burn out.

Can you see?
Many... surroundin us like a sea.

Where to go?
Where to hide?
No place to rest,
Where to go, east or west?

Re birthed of overcome voices 
Hands slipping away

Winds whisper fear unknown
Shaking rooms slow dancing

Give a blessing
Calling out your name

Hear me stronger than I
Tie this rebellious ship to shore 

Roses are red
Violets are too
I really aint got much
But this will have to do