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Blueberry Wrappers

11 Years Ago

Blueberry wrappers Where are his manners?
The last time she called He was passed out in His draws
The light absorbed into his shoulder blades Nothing aggravates him The only place he can be blank today And nothing seems to faze him
Rainfall down pour The best time for sleeping in Theres a certain shade of him At Four-thirty in the AM Blueberry drifts me to Places I've never been Like the night I fell in love with Dallas Your song was playin again Again and again We replay it again Skip it to the next one And we play it again
Blueberries taste sweet In the coldest part of winter The parts we harvest deep along The roots of the blueberry wrappers The roots that keep her thoughts of him In and Between their travels She moves her feet and makes blueberry roots inspired shadows
They're quiet but they make sense to the poet on the mattress