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CONTEST (any suggestions?)

10 Years Ago

I would love to have a group-wide contest, but I want you guys to have some say in the subject! So, any ideas? Let me know what you think down to the last detail, if you'd like. DETAILS: 1. Contest subject  (What should the contest be about? What should be the rules and guidelines?) 2. Number of awards  (Should we keep it simple or get complicated or creative?) 3. Decison-making time  (Should we leave this thing to a vote among the group or the cafe or should we leave it up to me?) 4. Decision-making TIME  (How long should the contest be? Should we limit the amount of time allowed for deciding?)   Let me know what you people think! I want to get this thing going as soon as possible, so I would like to possibly start the contest this weekend, but feel free to keep posting your ideas. They could certainly come in handy later!   KEH