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Questions, comments, concerns?

12 Years Ago

If at any point in time that any of you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to ask them either on here at the forum or you can personally contact me through a message. I try to check my messages at least once a day.

And feel free to add any writing that you want as long as it follows the guidelines of this group.

If people start putting in poetry and other materials, then, I'll switch it to where the submitted work will have to meet my approval. (And well, that requires extra work and alot of people know how I lack initiative in some aspects of life.)

Now, have fun writing and reviewing! I look forward to reading everyone's work!
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12 Years Ago

Hello everyone!  I'm new to Writers Cafe.  I've posted my short story, a paranormal: Shadow of Death; I'll be eternally grateful if you would read and give me your honest opinion on it.  This is my first, completed story I've done, and I've been writing since I was eleven.



AngelEyes (aka Carrie)