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Tomorrow's Movie Discussion: Hard Candy

17 Years Ago

Tomorrow's movie for discussion will be:
Hard Candy

This movie is much newer than the last one I assigned.  You should be able to get it at any movie store.

Netflix summary:
"In this suspenseful drama from director David Slade, Hayley (Ellen Page) is an intelligent teen who's been spending time with Geoff (Patrick Wilson), a much older man she met online. Even though Geoff is a charming, good-looking photographer, Hayley should know better than to go home with a guy in his early thirties, especially since he may have ulterior motives."

My question will not be: What should we do with... or Is...wrong?  Don't think for one second you are getting off that easy. 

I do want to remind people that these discussions use movies to talk about other issues, so if you haven't seen the movie, you might be able to participate anyways. 

official site

If you have suggestions about movies, message me.  Also, would it be easier for you netflixers if I did a whole month's of assignments at once so you had more time to see the movie?
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