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Multiplicity : Forum : A little info before you write..

A little info before you write.

10 Years Ago

So this is the Multiplicity community. My system thinks that no matter what way a system came about that it can function in a healthy way, allowing the people to get along and survive. We don't think everyone in a system will hold hands and sing cumbiah, we're only thirteen persons and we can't do that so it would be impossible for larger groups, but we do believe in healthy multiplicity and system not trying to see who's crazier. As such we would greatly appreciate leaving the disordered psycho babble at the door. Just saying you know?

Other than that this group is pretty open and I'll try my best to moderate according to what group members want. If you have any suggestions just post them in the forum and see what people think and I'll try my best to make it happen, or everyone can come to a consensus and start executing the idea on their own.

Anyway thanks for listening to my ramblings, have fun writing.