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11 Years Ago

Okay so I was just writing and I usually save or write down what I am writing before I type it and apparently this time I was too lazy and I just wrote this chapter in my book and Writer's Cafe decides to f*****g freeze and close itself and I am so pissed off that I don't even want to write anymore. Has that ever happened to you guys?

Re: Okay...Question?

11 Years Ago

......................LOADING.....................   Take a breather:) Paper isn't facing a shortage yet, and unlike our revolutionary, super-intelligent inventions, it isn't going to a)stop responding, b)self-destruct, and c)send its own data irretrievably into oblivion unless you set it alight. Take out a pen and jot down a few important notes while everything's still fresh in your mind, but don't force yourself. You'll be surprised at how much you remember once you find your zone again. A lot of the time, a repeat attempt turns out better than the original, even if you don't think so.