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Hi all. Just wanted to get some opinions!

11 Years Ago

This is just a little excerpt from my book that im working on... critique welcomed!!!

People tend to look the other way when you need them the most. You could be kicking, screaming, crying and all you see are their faces turning the other direction. You think all hope is lost, and you’re ready to give up until suddenly, out of the corner of your eye you see him.  Pushing, yelling and desperately making his way towards you, and immediately the throbbing in your heart speeds up. Not because you’re afraid but because after all that has happened, after all that’s been said he’s the last one, the only one you wanted to see when you left this unjust and cruel world. The look on his face is clear. Its pain and frustration, yet you can’t seem to understand what he is trying to do, or even say. All you can think about is how you feel about him and letting him know that. Truth is, you love him……..