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So, you made it, huh?

8 Years Ago

 Glad to see other masters of fear! So all of you Dracula's, wolf men, ghouls, spirits from the grave, and many more all allike need rules.  1. Have respect for others' pieces, and them as a person.  2.  limit curssing because kids as young as 11 are apart of this site and it isn't right to deny them of a respected status because of your language.  3. Try to be active. It isn't a movement unless everyone gives effort.    So I have a speech for you all, brothers, and sisters of horrid fears! I'm David, a 13 year old teenager. I love horror, and always have. So one day I was playing a video game called "Skyrim". My brother said "Did you know you can be a vampire?", and i'm like "no." So he lead me to a cave. Skyrim's vampires, and werewolves are awesome, but not exactly what i've had in mind. So I decided to give my genaration something unbeleivabley epic. Horror the way I felt it should be. Gore, good story, and those moments when you're in the shower the next day, and you still have them goosebumps. So I started with poetry, and it's been working out great. I still haven't moved onto the story elements YET, but i'm working towards that. As of right now I'm still making you feel like you're somewhere a horrifing poitrait, and i'm walking you through. Painting a masterpiece of horror is what i'm all about, but there are other ways to give you the feeling of totall fear. Tell me Draculas, wolf men, headless hoarse men, aliens from outer space how do YOU make your poor victems that read your writings feel that never ending, and forever oozing fear?    If you have any questions for me ask away here on the forum, and i'll try to answer them. If for some reason I don't see it inbox me, and i'll answer it there, n post it here. Thanks for joining the movement, and joining me in a never ending night!