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My Speech

8 Years Ago

Hello, It's Raya here.
 I apologize that I haven't posted my speech until now. But I have been incredibly busy, as today is my birthday.

But here is my speech that you've been waiting for. I would like to thank all those who voted for me, it is such a high honour for all these amazing writers to vote for me. Not only my friends on here, but people that I would be interested in getting to know. I really appreciate your vote, and I am surprised that I have been chosen and voted for. Thank you all once again for your votes and kind words. I am shocked by all these votes from all you amazing writers. I am so fortunate to have all these people who enjoy my work, I am very grateful and thankful for you all.  I am very thankful to have found a website with such wonderful people with amazing talent, and a place  where I can share my talent.

Thank you all for your votes.