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4 Years Ago

                                                                  Its a numbers thing
First of all, what is a number, a number is a symbol for an object in a series. Numbers are everywhere and are the fabric of reality. They order our universe and everything else. This is the first thing that i am going to be talking about: order!.  In math, we understand sequences and arrangements, repetition, patterns. these are all pretty much the same. In reality, we call this law, karma, order etc, the system, government, rules etc. There is good(all positive numbers) and then there is bad(all negative numbers). But in actuality they are opposite sides of the same spectrum(continuum, line etc). Now lets examine some quick rules. We understand in actuality that two wrongs dont make a right, in math a negative number plus another negative number gives you another negative number. Every number has a value and they are all equal to each other and they all stem(plants stem, roots) from the one. Every original number is the backup for every other number(everything happens for a reason). These numbers blend into each other and so are all inclusive or all turned into one thing(universe). The universe is a totality of objects like numbers in a finite set. Oscillation is when something is moving back and forth between two points(2 number pattern); for example, 1,2,1,2. Every number carries within itself an infinite story of history and combined with others can give us a whole lot of information. Now from studying numbers and how they add up and how they subtract etc(experiences in life). We develop proofs, theorems, axioms etc(wisdom) and we live by those. These proofs and theorems involve equations(if i do this and this then ill get that everytime or more often then not). You have what they call whole numbers, they are called this because they are complete within themselves(worlds,spheres,planets). You have rational numbers or ratios which is comparing one number to another number, rationality deals with reason and things making sense or fitting in(being part of the whole). Not only is this called comparison but it is also called relativity. In all actuality, i dont think anything is truely relative, comparisons are made by finite minds but essentially we are all the same. Irrational numbers are real numbers and anything that is real is infinite. Now these numbers need machines to go through like people moving in and out of buildings or literally machines that take energy and convert it into something else. We call these equations or thought processors, we run it through this processor and it comes out of our minds different. Now certain equations only work for certain numbers so this is why it is good to have different equations(multiple ways of thinking or modes of logic). There are matrices or arrays of numbers(fabric arranged structure). This is what we are living in, a fabric of reality that is being molded and remolded every second. This fabric is made up of 0s and 1s. All numbers fall between these two, they go from nothing to something, false to true, noncompletion to completion and then it starts over again(cycle)