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4 Years Ago

Good Morning
My name is jon and I will be discussing concepts of time.  First; what is time. Since time is not a tangible thing itself, we can define it by what it does and its components. Time is measurement of change, structure and space. It is also an irreversible succesion of events. Let us break down these definitions. Before i get started i want to share some rules of time. First and foremost time of the essence meaning that it is right here, right now. The past, present and future are in the now. Second, space and structure and time are all mixed, one cant exist without the other.  Thirdly, all things are a function of time and depend on it. Let us begin by dealing with the smallest unit of time in the physical world. Im going to go from small to big.
The smallest unit would be what we would call the point, your familiar with this from geometry. Let us examine the point. If we were to take one point and blow it up on a board, what would it look like? It is actually a flat circle. Now by the way, this point in the world would be called a detail. Details are the fundamental unit of real time like atoms. Now that we have blown up this detail, we see that it contains area no matter how small it is. if it contains area, there is something within that area, everything serves a purpose and therefore has form for that reason. what is going on in this area? Smaller details and those details have details and so on. The thing is each of those details are worlds to walk into. This goes back to what i was saying about form and purpose. If one can focus on a particular point for a period of time, you will be able to open up these details(portals) like a blown up circle on the board. Now the next unit of time is the choice, what is choice? Again, let up apply math. A choice is a number in  a limited set, each choice like a number has a value. If the set is finite then that means it is constantly changing depending on the choice you make. Choice is the option to do something or not to do something( 1 or 0). You have addition where two choices are picked and then you have subtraction where you dont pick a choice.  Due to the circumstance(circumference) surrounding you, you only have a set number of choices when it comes to the choices themselves but as far as the fundamental options, there are only two which are the ones i mentioned. You can pick something or you can not pick it, period. For you to pick a choice, there has to be some sort of calculation(computation), this calculation uses equations( models of thought processes). There is the input of the numbers(data from circumference), there is the calculation and then there is the output. Anyways to stay on point,  choice is the driving force of an event which is our biggest unit. The event is a mixture of three things, the past, the present and the future., this goes back to one of the rules of time that i mentioned earlier. The event can be measured in 3 dimensions. The length(how long it is) and the height(magnitude) of it and then the result(hypotenuse). how would one travel to the past? One would think about where they wanted to go and then focus on that with all there energy(again the point). When you focus on a point, you blow it up. It is the same thing that happens in conversation, people make mountains out of molehills by blowing up small things.  You would then wait for it manifest as an event but of course you have to pay attention. Now you have choices in reality and then you have imagined choices(same thing as imagined and real numbers in math). Choices in reality, choices you can make and then imagined choices which is choices you cant make given the circumstance. These alternate line of choices are alternate realities that do exist, if they ddint exist, youldnt of been able to imagine them