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The Chinese Take-out Poetic Form

9 Years Ago

This Chinese Take-out poetic form started as reply to a comment to a review... go figure.  It then morphed into a three-legged race by draftees of good grace and humor; the winners of the first Chinese Take-out Poetry Contest.  We leave it as an exercise to the suc.. I mean members to peruse that thumb-war confrontation and derive their own particular historical perspective.  (Please feel free to use as many polysyllabic words as necessary.) 

The most succinct definition available is as follows:
Chinese Take-Out form: a free-verse form, dedicated to a contrast of light and dark ideas that create a story.
The following contest rules are extracted for the benefit of the sweet tea drinkers within this august gathering.

1.) Each entry must be accompanied with a description and definition of the essential elements of "Chinese Take-out" poetry. Entries may be the work of single or multiple authors.
2.) Each entrant will be permitted to vote for the winner.
3.) Entrants may vote for themselves or someone else that has submitted an entry in the currently active contest (if the system permits this).
4.) The originator of a "Chinese Take-out" contest must abstain from entry and must announce a winner (or lack thereof) within 24 hours of the contest deadline.
5.) Changes to rules, if necessary (to preserve sanity or decorum) will be proposed and enacted by simple majority vote of previous contest winners (or those that may care enough to virtually travel and participate in such congress).
6.) In the event there are no winners (or participants) the contest shall be declared Null-&-Void with all associated literary output recycled at the next full moon by shredding and casting into the great Sea of Words.
7.) The winning entry shall henceforth become the current standard exemplar and definition of the Chinese Take-out poetic form.
8.) The winning author(s) shall be permitted to claim title, rank and nobility in the Noble Court of the Chinese Take-out Poetic Form in perpetuity (or until exiled by common majority vote of the Nobel Court of the CToPF).

DISCLAIMER: All rules are subject to amendment by meta-disclaimers, rules, and ordinances of The author assumes no liability whatsoever for ignorance on his part, or that of the participants, or other concerned parties.