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Candle Magick

15 Years Ago

Along the road in your magickal life, there will be times where, for some circumstance, you will need some sort of magickal assistance and won't be able to cast a spell In the beginning of your magickal lessons, I think it's important to learn candle magick for such a purpose. This type of magick can be very powerful, can deliver quick results, and you can do it just about anywhere, with a small amount of supplies. If you are going to work with candles, I suggest stocking up on them, one or two of every basic color, plus about 5 black and 5 white. If you need a certain color, and are out, white candles can be used for just about anything. Try to buy hand-dipped, or oil candles if you can. They generally burn a lot longer than cheap candles, but any candles will do. Beeswax are the most ideal, because they come from nature.

First thing you need to do is figure out what type and/or color of candle to use with the purpose of your magickal workings. For example, let's say you are having money problems. You need some extra money to pay a bill you have suddenly received, so you will figure out what color of candle to use. (feel free to use what color you think would work best...experiment!) In this case, I would use a green candle. For other purposes, you could also use a candle in a certain shape, but we'll get to that later.

Next, you will want to anoint, or dress, the candle. A basic anointing oil will do, but you may use a special oil made specificially for your purpose, such as "Come to Me" oil or "Love" oil. A simple anointing oil can be made with an ounce of almond or olive oil, and 3 drops of sandalwood oil. When the oil is created, it needs to be consecrated and blessed before you use it. When dressing the candle, take care to dress it while keeping your purpose in mind. If you wish to draw something towards you, anoint with the oil starting at the top of the candle, working in ONE DIRECTION (not back and forth!) to the middle of the candle. Then work up from the bottom of the candle to the middle again. When banishing or driving something away from you, work from the middle to the top, then to the bottom. Remember to visualize your intent while dressing the may also use a chant at this time. Dressed candles can now be used, or they can be rolled in corresponding herbs to increase the power,

There are also special shaped candles you can use for different types of outcomes. For example, if you are looking to draw love into your life, use a candle shaped as a male or female person to represent the person you are wishing to draw to you. If working on fertility spells, a penis/vagina shaped candle (yes, they do have them!) is ideal. Seven knob candles are best for wishes, or when you need to put extra power into a spell. A white skull-shaped candle is good for banishing an illness. Witch-shaped candles are good for protection spells, or to add extra power to a spell.

Your candle is ready now, if you have your intent set firmly in your mind, but you may wish to also inscribe the candle with runes, symbols, or simply with your desire. If you are Wiccan, use your athame to do the inscribing. Or you can use a stickpin. Inscribe the candle the same way you dressed it.

There are a few more little rules to using candle magick. Light your candles with a lighter, not matches, as the sulphur in the matches could upset the energies of your magick. Most of the time, you must burn the candle down to achieve your goal. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended! If you must leave it alone, bring it into the bathroom and put it into the bathtub away from anything flammable. Make sure you close the door so no kids or pets can get at it. When it has burned down, save the drippings, and bring the remnants of the candle outside to be buried. Bury it on your property if you were working to draw something towards you, or bury off your property to repel something. The drippings can be used in all sorts of things, from talismans to keeping in your pocket for good luck, or they can be melted down and added to other candles you use in the future. When extinguishing a candle, do not pinch it out, as you are pinching out your intent, and do not blow it out, as you are blowing the energies away from your intent. Instead, invest in a candle snuffer, or wave your hand or a piece of cardboard over the candle to put out the flame.

I personally believe color is very important in magick. For the very least, a color can make you think of something, or make you feel a certain way. This can greatly add to any spell or ritual. But by all means, do not follow just what someone else says. If you are working a spell to bring happiness to you, and you feel happy when you think of the color orange, then use an orange candle. But if you would like some examples of what certain colors mean in magick, I am gonna set up another post with a corospondance guide