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There's lot's of poetry and plenty of short short stories here at the Cafe, but no one other than those who are novel writers seem to want to take the time to read entire chapters....we all get hit with bouts of A.D.D from time to time :-)
I'd like this to be a group of those with longer works who are seeking detailed and honest reviews of other novel writers.
Novels are different from poetry and brief short stories and require a different kind of critique. We need to know if it flows, where it slows, if there are inconsistencies, etc. So let's get together and be this to one another.
The only rules are that you cannot just come to be reviewed - you must participate and help a fellow novelist....give the kind of detailed and honest feedback that you'd want to receive.....even if it means having to say "This doesn't make sense" or "It left me bored". Harsh? yes. But said with the intent of helping a fellow writer get published, it's not a bad thing....just don't be unecessarily cruel.
Well, let's see how this goes! :-)

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