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How was everyone's Christmakwanzakah?

11 Years Ago

Hey guys, hope everything ran as smoothly for you as it did for me. Sadly this year I had to go solo on Christmas, which is sad I know, but hey, at least I got a free movie out of it.   Here's my gift to all of you here of Novelists United! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I found it. There's nothing greater in this world when a gay man word-sings with a timless classic.  

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Re: How was everyone's Christmakwanzakah?

11 Years Ago

t'was good and so is the new year. now I need to get back to writing, reading and reviewing. Currently I am busy getting annoyed with Orson Scott Card's ender series as it descends deeper and deeper into religion-addled hypocrisy and mania. Still good enough to bother with book 3 though...