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8 Years Ago

I haven't been on this site for quite some time, I have been busy with writing a fantasy story. But I have reached a point no writer wants to reach, I am in fact speaking of writer's block. So I have come to ask for some thoughts, ideas or anything useful because I've been stuck for about a month now.

So the 2 main characters are investigating the disappearance of a flock of sheep. In their search they've come across a demon lair deep underground and in order to infiltrate the den they've disguised themselves as sheep. They've been brought down in to a sheep pen where the sheep are being sold to the highest bidder. The problem is...how do the main characters escape with their lives and most of the sheep without fighting their way out?

Again any ideas or thoughts will be much appriciated
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Re: Inspiration

8 Years Ago

perhaps they should get out and come back as the highest bidder. its really difficult for me to help without knowing your charictors a little better or without reading it do you have it on your profile?