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What is OWG?

10 Years Ago

OWG has been years worth of research, experiments, and experiences that have contributed greatley into creating the world of 8020. To create a society and tell a story focused on on simple path or even aspect of is a crime to many books pull today, I wanted to excel where few have gone. I wanted to not create a society but, an entire world that had close to the amount of diversity within it as our known world today. Give characters who's idea and up bringings conflict and work with one another, most importantly: who's actions gave a lasting effect. When I listen to the news or watch a film I find myself wandering how people of OWG would veiw it. But wait, do they have news or even technology to do so? When you apply your life to your setting you can then find ways to make it different or even learn something not seen before. I the world of OWG there are no photographs but video is accesible, this puzzled me in a good way: I was creating ethics unheard of. There is so much going on in OWG not because it is a story, it is a world on a global scale. OWG is one world goverment, something most people fear or yet always seem to crawl to in curiousity. Why not give them an answer?