One can do this either one of two methods


One can do this either one of two methods... search the internet for these types of items(I will provide a little list for those interested) or use a program designated to finding the top of the top items to merch for that week. (I have seen one. It's on my laptop, since it's homemade). These items aren't easy to find, even though most of them are necessities like food as well as "skilling". Here's my list of top merch for short durations of time. Feel free to share it with your friends so you can raise prices by buying more one-of-a-kind products!

Here's my personal top ten list of brands I sell with... This is a simple list of the top ten runescape merchants I merch with. I'm now focusing on investing my money into skills and not runescape. Best of luck to everyone! Good Luck to everyone! (I am sorry if I posted this in a wrong place. If you need to relocate it then do it.

The female voice is something I am not familiar with. I'm really at a loss as to what would be the person behind the door, maybe someone connected to Zaros? It's crucial that the person who is behind the door is interesting and that there is an explanation and not simply a "Here comes an unknown boss." Kill, fight and stab. Keep updating.

I'm hoping to God that they utilize their random dungeon generator to add an extra challenge before the boss. If you want to encourage cooperation, why not use a mechanic in which one player is disabled, and someone else must liberate them. However, a random dungeon generator would have to be able to create a maximum level for every challenge. In this means that you don't run into dung problems when half of the dungeon is shut off by a single door.

I believe that the option of disabling would be fantastic and fits into the idea of teamwork. If they were to take To'kash's deep freeze technique but make it so it only targets one person at a time, and has a lengthy time period during which it doesn't melt (Not infinite though so when caught on your own, there's a chance to escape) which would require players to work in a team consisting of two.
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