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15 Years Ago

Thank you for taking an interest in this Open Mic group. If you've never participated in an open mic, please consider going. It is a great opportunity to interact with other writers and find other people with a passion for writing in your area. I know that it can be hard to get up on stage and expose your heart and soul, but it is very refeshing. Open Mics are typically supportive and open to anyone who is willing to share. I also think it would be great to be able to find open mics while travelling. I run an open mic in Minneapolis myself at coffee shop called E.P. Atelier, and its always enjoyable to hear what others are writing and meet them on a personal level. We have had people stroll in from as far away as New Orleans and Liverpool. So lets get out to those coffee shops and bars and anywhere else people are reading and support our fellow writers! Please post any place that you know of that has an open mic or any sort of open forum for writers. And if you don't know of anyplace, find one! Maybe you'll see your fellow writers cafe-ers out there.