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The Truth about Native American Potheads

12 Years Ago

The truth about Native American potheads is that they never existed outside of modern cinema and the last centuries (mainly the late 19th through to today) when there was an explosive increase in the medicinal and recreational use of the cannabis plant.

The furthest back that cannabis can be traced is the mountainous regions of India (those Indians used it). Over centuries the plant spread throughout Asia and Eurasia. Never has there been any recording of the natural growth of the cannabis plant in the America's until European and Asian settlers brought here to be raised and processed for hemp related products and medicines, rarely for the sole purpose of recreational consumption.

The Thracian/Dacian (now eastern Europeans) shamans known as kapnobatai or 'those who walk on smoke/clouds' were known to burn the bulbs of this mountainous plant in order to induce spiritual trances. To the Hindu religion the plant was known as ganjika (hence the slang term of ganja) who believed that the god Shiva told his disciples to "use the cannabis plant in all ways possible." Of all groups using the plant for spiritual purposes it is the Rastafarian that is most famous. Hashish was used and derived it's name from the warrior Shia sect known as the Hashshashin. Besides spiritual purposes it was most often drank as a tea or used as a flavorful herb in foods in order to treat minor aches, pains and fatigue.

Cannabis still grows wild in such places as India, China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland etc. Though it can grow wild in the America's it was never found to be occurring naturally until foreign settlers brought their own strains.

So what were in all those peace pipes? Mainly Tobacco though there were such concoctions as tobacco and psychedelic mushrooms. Tobacco was rarely if ever used by natives for recreational purposes but most often smoked in massive quantities by experienced shamans for entheogenic use (inducing enlightenment or spiritual experiences). Other than being smoked tobacco was either eaten, drank as a kind of juice or used in enemas. Tobacco was unknown to the old world until trading began between Natives and Europeans.

The use of mushrooms in religion is not unique to the America's though it is most famous for it's uses and legendry here, specifically Central America. Psilocybin mushrooms were used in the arts and ceremonies of many central American tribes who often described it as the 'flesh of the gods' or teonanactl. Stone paintings of mushrooms dating back to 7,000 BC in the Sahara regions of Africa are quite common and the spiritual drink Soma of Vedic literature is often believed to be derived from mushrooms though it is suggested to have been made from cannabis or even ephedra.

Like Tobacco coca (cocaine) was also native to the Americas and unknown to the old world until European settlers began trading. During the Spaniard's invasion of Central America it was found that the native warriors were stronger, faster, and nearly impossible to kill despite the amount of damage inflicted whenever they would chew on this small mountainous plant. The Spanish caught on to the uses of the coca plant and began taxing it's production and sales by 10%. For a matter of time the newly erected Roman Catholic churches of the area prospered greatly from this taxation and even Pope Leo XIII was known for having dedicated an entire Vatican to the production of cocaine laced wines.

Although Native Americans had a massive 'pharmacy' of herbs used in treating anything from minor pains, sight or hearing disorders or the occasional need for contacting dead relatives nowhere is there any recording weather written or oral of Natives ever having included Cannabis in that pharmacy until well after the arrival of Europeans.

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12 Years Ago

Agaian....something I never knew till now.

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12 Years Ago

I'm an ex-pothead wich means all my friends still smoke. this is just one of the countless pothead legends that are completely unfounded. Really, i wrote this article just to piss off my friends. I actually failed my last UA from second hand smoke from them but thankfully didn't lose my job.