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I need some opinion

11 Years Ago

So, yesterday a 'friend' of mine told me that I will burn in hell because I am a Lutheran. This guy is a serious hardcore Christian and takes it WAY too seriously. He has called gay friends of mine f**s and told them to go to hell. Also, he's poked fun(behind his back, during class) at my music teacher who happens to be Catholic. He always makes fun of emo kids or people with emotional issues like depression. That includes directly insulting cutters. This guy, doesn't know how much I hate him. In fact, I am diagnosed with depression, and I am passionate about being accepting of everything, even though you may not agree with it.

What do you think? He thinks that he is mister right and that he knows everything. He's told me that I'm sinning because I don't write about God. Is he wrong? Is he a b*****d?  

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11 Years Ago

Hi, You arn't in the wrong. Sounds like this guy has just got low self worth, so he tries to make himself feel better by dogging on everything else. There is no sinning on your part. God loves everyone just the same! If you end up having to confront him on how he is making you feel, keep religion out of it, and just tell him how you feel. He may mock you or your words. If that happens just walk away.