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Never wonder while reading LN, Mange or watching anime I want to do my own? And seek others like you who just want to write you own Light novel or Manga! You not alone.
After all who to say you cannot write what makes you what you are? An anime fan! You might not be Japanese but still wants to write like they do? Write a story based a harem like Death March, In a Different World with a Smartphone or Legend etc?
Or enjoy the world of Yuri or Yaoi? Well not my cup of tea honestly~ But as we the ones that desires to write what we love are a rare kind! So, join in the hands of others so what you all might not like the same thing? I am a writer that enjoys writing and reading harems and fantasy genre the most, but we all have three things that I can think of in common.
One we love writing, two we love anime! And three? We just want to write what we love without being let down!
And if you here to have more interest in this kind of world? You in the right place brothers and sisters! We are what we are, just writers that god damn love anime!

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