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Hey introduce yourself

10 Years Ago

Well here's the obligatory introduction post.

I'm Ashes, nice too meet you. I'm a feline species at my core, but it's a mix of things because I'm a chimera of sorts. Long story short, someone thought it would be fun to make a soul by mixing together lots of different things (feline, kitsune, energy vampire, birds, a few other things) and still make a stable being.

So what's your story? Don't be shy now.


10 Years Ago


I'm Caly. I don't have a core species, but I'm not a polymorph despite the irregular and random changing. Currently, I qualify and identify as an ex-Abrahamic Pantheon Angelic. (FYI: No, not a Fallen. See your local dealer, i.e. me, for details.) In a weird and twisty sort of way, I serve Lucas of the Eleventh Firmament, and a ways up the line I serve Iasi of the Third Sphere. I could put a lot more capitalised words in there, but I won't, for the sake of my dear readers (cue sardonic snort).

I'll be around, I suppose.

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10 Years Ago

Hey, all.

I'm Shayna and I'm not sure yet if I'm Otherkin or not. I think I may have an elven soul, but I haven't confirmed anything yet.

Nice to meet you all. :)