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The conclusion...

13 Years Ago

Dear members,

I hope you all have read Charlie's answer to our letter by now.
I just finished turving your responses and came to the following conclusion: counting the responses in my mailbox and on this forum, there are other issues besides the gifts going missing ...

Checking the answers on this forum and in my mailbox here are the final results:
Members of this group missing gifts: 8
Other messages: concerns about server problems, fear of losing writings, not knowing how to use some features, lack of communication between the moderators and the members of WritersCafe, a few members closing their accounts, other members are looking forward to the new features, some of you like photos, some of you do not and ... last but not least 'Notes' will be replaced by a feature which is easier to use!

So, when reading the above, I cannot but conclude that some of the answers are not compatible and there is one thing that I learned from moderating this group: there is no way pleasing everybody. For me the most important issue was the lack of communication. The gifts going missing were the last straw that made me start this group!

Charlie did apologize for not communicating and apart from the gifts not coming back, I found his letter written in a respectful and polite way. He did announce server maintenance afterwards, but having some basic IT background I know from first hand experience that in some cases it is not possible to communicate when a server suddenly 'is switched to overloaed and deciders to crash on its owner'. The server is needed to communicate with us, writers and members. Sure, I was far from pleased last weekend when at the time I had planned what I am doing now, I found out that WritersCafe was inaccessible....

I wrote an e-mail to Charlie venting my concerns on server maintenance. I will post it here later. But I will not leave WritersCafe because it still is one of the few platforms I feel completely at home.

Maybe it is time to think about a new destination for this group?

Greetings from Belgium,